"A dream come true"

The founder

Elsi Paris is the story of a mother, Jessie, who realized her dream of living between Bali and Paris with her 3 daughters while practicing her passion: founding her beachwear brand.

Before that, Jessie worked for 10 years in the luxury and fashion industry, learning the know-how and the rigor of luxury houses but also the fundamentals of production and international trade.

Lucky to have traveled since her childhood in Asia, especially in Indonesia, with her parents, themselves in business, she fell in love with Bali and developed the desire to launch her own brand on this island.

It is with all her little family that she left to live this adventure. The idea was to introduce her children to this beautiful culture and to allow them to broaden their horizons by leaving the hustle and bustle of Parisian life for several months a year.

Like any "businessmum", it is necessary to juggle between work and family life but the result is that everyone feels fulfilled and enriched by this human experience.

The brand

The Elsi Paris adventure began in 2023 with the intense desire to give each woman the freedom to blossom and reveal herself with confidence while contributing to the development of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Your natural beauty is our main source of inspiration and our desire is to allow you to feel free, well in your body and confident in our creations.
Each piece is designed to highlight your curves. Revealing yourself with confidence and feeling comfortable in your body on the beach or by the pool, that's what we want to offer you through our creations.

To do so, we use recycled or sustainable materials, of very high quality, solid and resistant, offering excellent support to emphasize the feminine curves. Our swimwear fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified.

With Elsi Paris, you contribute to support the development of a more responsible and sustainable fashion.

Confident. Feminine. Committed.