Handmade in Bali

Producing our swimwear and resortwear in Bali was an obvious choice. The founder's deep attachment to this island, but also the local craftsmanship and the new, more ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing methods they use, convinced us of our choice.

Our pieces are handmade with care in small factories in Bali, combining traditional know-how and modern creativity.

Once the designs of our pieces are done, we meticulously choose the best fabrics and the most beautiful colors to offer you an original, elegant and ethical collection.

At Elsi, we are also committed to keeping a close relationship with our suppliers, regularly exchanging on the development of the collection, sharing privileged moments on a daily basis and working in happiness!

Sustainable fabrics

ELSI swimsuits are made from innovative materials that are more respectful of the planet to offer you sustainable and resistant pieces that you could keep season after season.

We work with suppliers who share our vision of environmental responsibility, offering a wide range of recycled or sustainable fabrics in line with our desire to support more responsible fashion.

To minimize our environmental impact, we limit packaging and use recycled materials.

We are aware that a perfect brand does not exist but we want to do our best to lead, at our scale, the way towards sustainable fashion.

The majority of our swimwear is made from recycled nylon, made from waste found in the oceans: the Econyl.

The Econyl is not only more resistant than traditional nylon, but it also helps to reduce the plastic waste that pollutes our oceans. After weaving, it provides a soft and silky recycled fabric that is chlorine and salt resistant.

Elsi is also one of the first French brands to use recycled fabrics on its iridescent lurex swimwear offering SPF 50+ sun protection.

To extend the life of your swimsuits, we advise you to take care of them by following our care tips!

Responsible production

Elsi Paris is committed to supporting more sustainable fashion by producing in a responsible way and encouraging responsible consumption.

Elsi's creations are all unique pieces, handmade in small factories, with respect for the workers.
We choose to produce in limited quantities to reduce our environmental impact and encourage our customers to avoid over-consumption.

Handcrafted manufacturing is less energy consuming and polluting than traditional production practices in the fashion industry. By producing reasonably, we limit our consumption of water, energy and our waste.

Support us in this limited production and participate in our pre-sales to allow us to better anticipate the quantities to be produced and to be able to answer all your requests.